Making it Work: Holy Week

make it workThis Week in Making it Work

Two Pastors. Holy Week. One 7-month old.

Holy Week sees extra services, two (Maundy Thursday and Good Friday) during bedtime.

Holy Week is stressful enough and can usually lead to poor sleep, unhealthy eating, and general complaints and grumblings. As a clergy couple, that often happens in an echo chamber.

How would we make it work with a baby?

Enter a brilliant husband, some airline miles and a very great friend.

Colin wondered if we could invite someone to come and stay with us and be a built in babysitter. We named a couple of names and before we could decide it wasn’t a good idea, we texted our friend and booked the tickets.

Best idea ever.

Anna came on Wednesday and stayed until naptime on Sunday. Being a good friend, we didn’t have to host. She watched our babe during church and also when we needed to be writing. She listened to us gripe about work and stress and life. She made coffee.

It gets better. Anna is an excellent cook. We were treated to Risotto, Stuffed Pork Chops, Boeuf Bourguignon, Braised Short Ribs, and, on Easter Sunday, Eggs Benedict. Best of all, most of these thingsĀ were already in our fridge, freezer, and pantry. Next best of all, left overs.

And she often, sneakily, did the dishes and wiped off the counters.

We were fortunate to have a free “mileage” ticket, but paying a regular fare would have been worth it. Seriously. We are already scheming how to make this work again.To recap:

1. Time with a great friend
2. Trusted child care
3. Great Food
4. Happiness
5. And clean dishes


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